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Benefits of Monitoring

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There are many benefits of monitoring. As we develop technology, we develop ways to make sure the technology runs correctly. Imagine if your car didn't tell you when there's an issue with your engine or if your tire pressure light didn't come on when you had a leak? The same can be applied to a computer. Without really understanding or having monitors in place to "turn on a light", the problem may go unnoticed until it's too late. When I say too late, I mean something like a security update that wasn't applied, which allowed an intruder to encrypt all of your data or steal personal information; or it could simply mean your computer keeps getting slower and slower without understanding the reason.

A benefit of our service is the offer of providing monthly reports of what we find. We can also help in fixing these alerts to ensure your system is error free. Our service covers any Microsoft Update related errors, however without understanding what state your computer is in, it's hard for us to provide support under our monitoring service. We have additional services that can help bring your PC back to good health.

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