WhatsApp Privacy Concerns

WhatsApp privacy concerns have been a hot topic as of late. In October 2020, the messaging app giant began raising concerns when the announced a new shopping feature. This would allow customers to connect with and buy from businesses through the app. More recently, WhatsApp caused some panic in its users by requiring them to…

A blue background with a green banner. On the banner in white are the words "Microsoft Edge Sleeping Tabs In Beta." Above the banner is an icon of a browser with tabs with "Zzz" hovering above it.

Microsoft Edge Sleeping Tabs In Beta

Microsoft Edge is introducing Sleeping Tabs into its beta browser. Sleeping tabs will improve memory and CPU performance for those with multiple tabs open at once. By putting inactive tabs “to sleep,” your computer is able to reallocate important resources to your active tabs and processes, optimizing its performance. They found, on average, that sleeping…