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Google Chrome Rolling Out Tab Throttling

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In our previous blog post, we explored Microsoft Edge’s sleeping tabs beta feature. If you’ve noticed improved performance in other browsers recently, you’re not mistaken. Google Chrome’s tab throttling feature is beginning to roll out in versions 87 and 88. According to Google, by reducing how often background tabs can refresh, it “reduces CPU usage by up to 5x, and extends battery life up to 1.25 hours” per their internal testing.


Google will also use Occlusion Tracking to help reduce how much memory is consumed by the browser overall. In doing this, it will also speed up the browser’s start up and load times by focusing resources on your active tabs.


While Google Chrome rolls out tab throttling, they’re also releasing another time-saving feature where users can search all of their open tabs in one place. Chromebook users will see this feature first before it hits other platforms. These features seem to be incredible news for those of us who open multiple tabs and woe about memory usage. Are there any other features in version 87 that you’re excited to see or wish came with the update? Comment below or contact us, we’d love to hear your thoughts!




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