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Microsoft 365: EnableADAL Retiring

EnableADAL open in the registry

Who does EnableADAL retiring affect?

Let me first start off by saying, EnableADAL retiring only affects Microsoft 365 Apps and does not impact Office 2016 or 2019 perpetual products.

What does EnableADAL do?

Office 365, like any evergreen software, continues to improve, make changes, and sometimes even break things. So when Microsoft introduced Modern and OAuth Authentication a few years ago, some organizations weren't prepared. The EnableADAL registry key allows for organizations to bypass the modern authentication method and use legacy forms of authentication. Therefore giving organizations the time to roll over to the new system.

How will this affect my company?

The good news is that Microsoft predicts only 1% of organizations are using legacy authentication, therefore few companies will be affected by EnableADAL's retirement.

EnableADAL uses a library called IDCRL, which is ultimately what Microsoft is retiring. Since they will be disabling this in a phased approach, its retirement will be complete by July of 2021. Therefore, we encourage any organization still using legacy authentication to update their systems sooner rather than later.

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