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Information Security

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Information Security is Paramount.

Dangerous attacks can happen in a matter of seconds and be costly to recover from. 44% of small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber attack, with an average cost of approximately $9,000 per attack. With so many small businesses at risk, it's important to have protocols in place to protect your data. At Nuage Logic, we supply businesses with information security services to protect against potential attacks, tools to prevent them. In the event of a crisis, we also offer solutions to recover data. When it comes to keeping businesses safe, we are here to help.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our security services scour the dark web and alert us if any of your users' information is found. This information typically contains usernames, passwords, social security numbers, or even personal or company-specific information. Our alerts inform us of any vulnerabilities early on and as a result, we work to protect your company and its assets from the damaging impact of the dark web.


User Security Training

Your employees are the first line of defense for your company's security, but they are also the biggest targets. We offer online training courses and materials on how to prevent incoming threats. In addition to those materials, we also help educate users with real-life tests such as controlled phishing e-mails. Your business is safer when your employees are able to recognize threats.


Two-Factor Authentication

Securing your company's data and systems with two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your data. Two-factor authentication requires a password and a separate generated passcode to access protected resources. We can configure secondary passcodes for your users including mobile phone push notifications for convenience.


Live Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Monitoring

We provide real-time analysis of suspicious traffic in order to stop bad actors before they are able to infiltrate your network. By tracking your company's traffic patterns and flagging anything that doesn't meet these trends, we can block the traffic or countries that are attempting to gain unauthorized access. With these security alerts in place, we become your company's first line of defense against the unknown.



We provide protection using the industry's leading security software which covers data-loss prevention, anti-virus, and firewall protection. All devices are centrally managed and malicious attacks or programs are immediately prevented from being downloaded or executed. Our software also provides SSL inspection which ensures that even encrypted traffic is scanned for threats.


Ransomware Proof Backups

In the event of a hardware failure or data loss, our cloud backup solutions offer businesses the ability to recover individual files or full system images. These backup services return your workspace into a ransomware-free state, so if your company suffers an attack, we allow your business to be back up and running as swiftly as possible. Most importantly, this saves businesses irreplaceable resources such as time and money.


Security Assessments

With our decades of experience fighting off cyber attacks, we institute the best practices to keep businesses safe, all while keeping a close eye on the latest trends to ensure long-term safety. With our knowledge and tools, we provide businesses peace of mind while saving them from costly disasters before they happen.


Penetration Testing

Allow us to challenge your current cybersecurity systems. We provide a detailed report of our findings and how we recommend resolving each vulnerability. We can also pre-validate whether you are compliant with NIST, CIS, HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, SOC2, and more.