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Managed Services


are managed services the answer for my business?

We will work with you to find the best solutions to optimize your workflow and maximize your time spent working instead of dealing with technology- all within your budget. Any service or combination of our services are built to empower your business.

External Information Security Services

A protected work environment is a productive work environment. We supply a multitude of external information security services to ensure a safe, protected work environment. We handle threats so you don't have to deal with the consequences of an attack

Patch/Update Management

Not every program is necessary to update immediately due to potential bugs and flaws. We keep an eye on the market and get all of your devices, operating systems, and programs up-to-date. For when those update flaws do arise, we patch the bugs for you- seamlessly keeping your workflow as technologically advanced as possible with little-to-no impact on the front-end.

Backup And Patch Management

We provide businesses the ability to keep their servers, files, and workspaces backed up on our servers in the event of a cyber attack, loss of data, or faulty devices. With our back up services, we can take what would normally be a catastrophic accident and turn the clocks back to make the day productive again.

Microsoft 365

We are partnered with Microsoft to bring your office up to speed with their office 365 programs designed to keep your team connected, focused, and efficient. Their cloud programs offer a comfortable familiarity through beloved apps such as Word and Excel while bringing them into the modern age and allowing a much easier way to collaborate on, share, and manage files across the office and beyond.


We configure VOIP services for businesses to stay connected to each other and their clients. With a private number, extensions within your network, and the ability to make and receive inbound and outbound calls, our virtual phone services allow you to go mobile with your communications. Transferring calls, seeing who's available to take calls, and inviting new contacts into the conversation has never been easier. Create notes, tasks, and contacts within a call and share them seamlessly. Our VOIP services are designed to make communication a breeze.
Additionally, we supply services that can keep your entire team connected internally while being able to connect to your clients externally within the same program. Being able to communicate in one central location saves your team exhaustion of having to switch between multiple apps to complete tasks. Call, instant message, and create separate channels for your team as well as create meetings all from one app.