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The way the world is changing is amazing. It's almost as if we were forced into the future where everyone works from home and the spread of social media has prevented us from going outside... I say this very lightly. Not everyone can operate from home or efficiently for that matter, and the social media comment was only a joke; in all actuality, forcing people to stay at home is causing the exact opposite. Instead of going to malls or events, everyone that I've noticed, has been going outside either walking, running, riding bike, or playing with their kids. In part, I feel it's because everyone is trying to pretend this isn't as bad as it actually is.

The world has changed, we must admit that. The way businesses conduct business has changed, the way people interact has changed, and overall everyone, I feel, will have a greater appreciation for the luxuries they've once taken for granted. The unsung heroes are now finally being recognized, especially health care workers. Birthdays, Baby Showers, Graduations have all changed, even though it may be temporary, the ones it will affect will forever remember. Young children growing up during this will always remember not being able to go to sporting events, dance recitals, or just playing with friends because of this pandemic.

No matter the outcome, I hope everyone stays safe during this time and remembers to take things into perspective.

With Sincerity,


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