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Work From Home Security Tips For Businesses

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Cyber security attacks were already projected to see massive growth from 2019 to 2020 and now with the mass migration of employees working from home, cyber criminals have become even smarter with ransomware attacks already rising 24% from last year. Our five work from home security tips help guide businesses through the basic steps to keep their information safe and secure.

  1. Use Trusted Security Programs

    Programs that determine threats add a basic layer of protection against attacks and information loss. A program that scans for viruses & malware and adds firewall protection isn't the end-all be-all. However, using a trusted program is still incredibly useful to fend off lower-level attacks.

  2. Keep Your Software Updated

    Software updates can be difficult to keep up with over time. When some programs update frequently, it can seem as though some updates aren't that important. Often, updates are created to patch security flaws from previous versions of programs or operating systems. By keeping your software upgraded to the latest version, it becomes harder for those with ill-intent to take advantage of potential loopholes.

  3. Teach Employees To Recognize Risks

    Phishing attacks rely on human error and are a common way for information to fall into the wrong hands. This means that knowledge is key when it comes to staying safe and your business is safer when employees know how to detect attacks before they happen.

  4. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication is a simple way to keep hackers at bay. If you require extra steps to access sensitive data, then those who should not have access to your information will be deterred, protecting your more confidential files and programs. Multi-factor authentication most often involves inputting a short one-time code obtained from an app or text upon logging in with your passcode.

  5. Have A Security Plan In Place

    No business is above being hacked, even if they follow all of our remote work security tips. Should a breach occur, it's important for businesses to have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure they can get back to standard procedure as soon as possible. A strong business continuity plan also allows for businesses to continue operation in the event of disaster or lifestyle changes.

Or, Find an IT Company That's Flexible To Your Needs

These security tips for working from home are just the beginning. At Nuage Logic, we offer information security solutions to keep your business safe with services such as software upkeep, backup management, employee training, and beyond. If you have any more questions regarding these security tips, please comment below or contact us and we'll try our best to help you! We can set up a free consultation to determine your company's best security options and help you implement them.

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